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I want to share something that I've been learning. Let's say I've been learning it over a long period of time but the lessons are only just starting to hit home.

I observe people. Not in a wierd or dirty way. I observe them because I am interested in understanding how they think. I have found that there are only a handful of "types" of people around me, but all of them have one thing in common. Let me explain.

Throughout my life I have usually been deeply respected or vehemently hated. I didn't understand what rubbed people the wrong way until I realised it's ethics. People are either ethical or not. The confusion steps in when ethical people try to "fit in" and go against their very nature just to be accepted by the crowd, or to "get ahead". For years and years I thought that Ethics and getting ahead, as a result, were mutually exclusive. I was told throughout my working life that "You'll never get anywhere because you can't rule by fear." I was also told "You will never get anywhere because you don't know how to use influencial people". I couldn't be less bothered by whether people felt I'd "get ahead" or not, nor was I phased at all by the fact that I couldn't "use people". In fact, I was proud of the fact that I never do. I never will.

Then, observing both the ethical, the unethical and the TRANSethical (lol) I realised that there is ONE element, one need, that all people have - the need for KINDNESS. The world is craving kindness. The world is craving people who will just allow them to be them, without judgement, without condescending behaviour and without WANTING something from them. I determined therefore to simply be me. I do consider myself a kind person because being kind has always, always been a priority for me. Note_ being kind does not mean being a pushover!

The next time you encounter a situation or person that you continuously struggle with, try putting aside your feelings of pride, wether or not you are in the right, and be KIND. THat means, if they retaliate with abuse, simply walk away IN PEACE. If they don't help you when they were supposed to, reach out a hand when they fall because Karma's ALWAYS a bitch when you are and they WILL fall. What has happened, as a result of being true to my own self and my own ethics whilst being kind to others? Slowly, my life began to change. I began to experience a 'softness' about myself that has changed ME. I don't need to prove a point to anyone anymore and yet I don't need to break anyone down who feels that urge.. Essentially, I'm at peace WITHIN.

So, have I amounted to "much"? How many people can say they go to bed at night and feel peace? Despite the problems, the ongoing wars, and despite (in my case) a couple of SERIOUS enemies that simply will not stop trying to destroy me, I am able to smile, I am able to be at peace, and I am able, deep within my soul, to be comfortable with ME.

KINDNESS.. now that's a weapon of mass construction!!
My mood: very blessed

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